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Authentic Mexican Food


Servicing Crown Heights Since 2015

Taqueria Milear is a small family restaurant owned by Artemio Baltazar and his wife, Marisol Lopez. The two met at a small food stand in Hidalgo, Mexico. At a young age. Marisol learned how to cook from her grandmother. At this stand, Marisol made quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, and gorditas. She learned authentic and original recipes from the small village that she grew up in. Artemio spent 10+ years working at a kosher restaurant and learned how to service guests. 


With the encouragement of Artemio's boss, years of cooking, and servicing guests, the couple decided to have people try their grandmother's recipe. Taqueria Milear opened in 2015. They named the restaurant after their 3 daughters. Using the first two letters of each of the daughter's first names (3 daughters in total) to create the name mi-le-ar. 


Servicing Crown Heights Since 2015

Dine-In Area

Birra Burrito

Fresh Carnitas Tacos (Sat & Sun Only)

"Straight from Abuela's Kitchen"

We're Original & Authentic

You don't need to travel to Mexico to have authentic Mexican food. Let us bring Mexico to you. Authentic Mexican food by Mexican hands. We promise to provide locally sourced ingredients to create originally Mexican recipes. From our signature Mexican style quesadilla(handemade corn tortilla) to tamales (made from scratch), to our entrees which are all served with rice, beans and handmade tortillas. You'll for sure get a taste of Mexico.    


Always Fresh and Always Authentic. 

True to Culture ❤️  

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