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Watch us on the Donnie Drake Show! Meet the family behind the business, learn about our favorite items, and the learn the tradition behind the menu. 

About Us

Fresh Carnitas Tacos Served on a handmade Tortilla

We're cooking carnitas(pork) meat, Mexican style! Where we marinate the different parts of the animal in its juices. Enjoy our complimentary salsa station. Open to all of our guests. 

🔥  Saturday: 3PM-9PM 
🔥 Sunday: 2PM-7PM

Taco Meat Choices

🔥 Buche - Pork Stomach

🔥 Lengua - Pork Tongue

🔥Oreja - Pork Ear

🔥Masiza - All white meat

🔥Mixto - Mix of all 4 meats

Now offering cozy, heated outdoor dining with

covering. Enjoy a seat next to any of our 5 heat



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