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Meet the Taqueria Team

Fresh Carnitas Tacos Served on a Handmade Tortilla

We're cooking carnitas(pork), Mexican style! Where we marinate the different parts of the animal in its juices. Join us on the weekend and watch us cook the meat! Don't forget our complimentary salsa station. 

🔥  Everyday: 11AM-3AM (next day) 

Taco Meat Choices

🔥 Buche - Pork Stomach

🔥 Lengua - Pork Tongue

🔥Oreja - Pork Ear

🔥Masiza - All white meat

🔥Mixto - Mix of all 4 meats

Introducing our new backyard roof. Now you can enjoy the warm weather under the stars and the soothing sound of rain, all while staying comfortably covered.


Come experience the perfect blend of open-air freedom and cozy protection today!

Best of Both Worlds

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